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Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence: May 31 – June 4, 2021

This year’s call to “Make your voice heard – Unite against gun violence” aims to acknowledge and continue the decades of collective action that Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence was built on. Leading up to The Seventh Biennial Meeting of States (BMS7) on the UN Programme of Action (UNPoA), we are encouraging members and advocates to make their voices heard against gun violence. 

Proliferation of arms and lax regulations continue to endanger our communities, and more specifically, women. Throughout the week, we are asking that members and allies work collectively to advocate for:

  • more effective regulation of guns and ammunition, 
  • to disarm domestic violence, 
  • include more voices in finding solutions to gun violence, 
  • and support survivors of gun violence.

For this years campaign, IANSA is providing resources for members and supporters to help make their voice heard, such as; a social media toolkit to help spread awareness, a video (below) with a discussion guide to spark important conversations, and postcard templates to mail to government officials.

Longing for Peace 2021 Video (ENG)
El Ahhelo de Vivir en Paz 2021 (ESP)
Aspirer à la Paix 2021 (FRA)
Global Week of Action 2021 Social Media Toolkit (ENG)
La Semaine Mondiale d’action 2021 - boîte à outils pour les médias sociaux (FRA)
La Semana Global de Acción 2021 Kit de accesorios para los redes sociales (ESP)
GWoA 2021 General Graphic (ENG)
GWoA 2021 Imagé (FRA)
GWoA 2021 Gráfico (ESP)
"Longing for Peace" Video Discussion Guide
Vidéo "Aspirer à la paix" Guide de discussion
Guía de debate del vídeo "El anhelo de vivir en paz"
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Opción 1
Opción 2
Opción 3
Opción 4
Global Week of Action 2021 Advocacy Sheet
La Semana de Acción Global 2021
La Semaine mondiale d'action contre la violence armée 2021
Global Week of Action 2021 Member Participation Video Vimeo Link
Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence: May 31 – June 4, 2021

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